Top Hiding Places for Spare Keys

Hiding a spare key is the first thing people often think of after their first time being locked out of their home, vehicle or something else. It can be quite inconvenient losing your keys or locking yourself out so it is understandable to want to have an alternate scenario mapped out should it happen again. Unfortunately, many crooks know all the key hiding tricks. So besides keeping a locksmith’s phone number handy, consider all of the places you should NOT hide your spare keys.

Under the Doormat/Inside a Flowerpot or Fake Rock

Hiding a key under a doormat is perhaps the top no-no when it comes to stashing away a spare. This is the first place a burglar would look. Sure, it is convenient for you but it is simply not a smart move. The same principle applies with flowerpots and fake rocks. Flowerpots located near your door will always garner attention if there is no spare key to be found under the doormat. Crooks also can spot a fake rock a mile away and know all of the styles available. Door frames and window sills located out of eyesight are additional places that a criminal would look.

Spare Car Keys in a Magnetic Box under the Bumper

Car thieves are fast and unobtrusive when seeking that spare key inside a magnetic box under the bumper or even behind a hubcap or license plate. There really is not a good solution for hiding a spare car key that a criminal would not think of.

Common Sense Solutions

Besides having a Sydney locksmith’s contact information in a safe place, there are a few common sense solutions for having easy access to spare keys. The most popular choice is leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbour or family member. Calling upon someone nearby is far preferable than leaving your home and vehicle vulnerable to criminal activity.

Perhaps you live in a rural area where leaving a key with a neighbour is just not an option. In this instance, you can hide a spare key in a container and stash it in a safe location that only you know about. Some people will bury it in a designated spot away from their home’s immediate area, perhaps in a flower bed or even in the hollow of a tree. If there is any masonry work around your home, a hollow brick or stone that looks part of the area is a possibility. Whatever method you use to hide your spare key, make sure only your family knows about it. And of course keep your cell phone handy so you can call your local locksmith to “save” you – just in case!

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