Why You Should Change the Locks to Your New Home

Moving home can be an extremely stressful experience, but it is also tremendously exciting. Furthermore, the process can be extremely damaging to your bank account, but this isn’t the time to avoid essential expenses and one of your first calls after you have moved in will be to your favourite locksmith, not to invite them round for welcoming drink, but to update your security and change your locks.

When you move home there are an enormous amount of tasks to get completed so that you can satisfactorily pass over your keys for your old home and receive the new set to your new property.

When You Locks Are Required

Many of the previous residents of your new home might still be walking around with a copy of your front door key in their pocket, even unknowingly.

When you’ve purchased a new home, direct from the builder, they may have retained a copy of your keys, just in case.

Even when keys are supposed to be returned when a sale completes, it’s easy to forget a spare copy of the key, that you kept separately and safely away from sight, in case you ever lost one. While this causes you an immediate safety problem, it might cause you a more substantial problem with your insurance company if you are later burgled without calling your locksmith first, to upgrade your locks.

Unfortunately, according to police records, homes are habitually broken into by people who have links in some way to the previous owners. This is one of the main reasons that you need to call your Sydney locksmith the moment you move into your new property. It gives you the opportunity to add a better quality lock to ensure no one can break into your new home easily.

Update All of Your Outside Locks

When you contact your locksmith, your security will be improved if you change all of your entrance locks at the same time, without failing to remember about any basement or side door access that you wouldn’t usually use. These are a burglar’s favourite points for entry.

Changing your locks by your locksmith, will be an expense you will have planned for when you move home. Like knowing that you have to move your utility records and your Internet service, budgeting to replace your locks on the day you move in is an essential part of your financial management.

The actions provided by your locksmith will remove the possibility of anyone else having a key to your front door. This in turn will provide peace of mind to all of your family and for your insurance company who are covering all of your assets within your policy.

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