What to Do if You’re Locked Out

Although it rarely happens, being locked out of your home is one of many people’s biggest fears. This leaves them to dramatically reduce their security by placing a front door key in what they believe to be a secure location, but for a trained burglar, is often the first place they look.

Misplace Your Keys?

Everyone has misplaced their keys at one time or another, but usually you are at home and will eventually find them as they’ve slipped off or fallen away from the usual location for your keys. When you’re at home and can’t find your keys, at least you know they are not that far away. When you’re out shopping or taking your children to a playground, there’s an extended moment of panic when you go back to your car, put your hand in your favourite key pocket and find they’ve disappeared. Immediately your thoughts turn to where you might have left them or where you might have dropped them? When did you last see them?

Panicking Doesn’t Help

Before you call any Sydney locksmiths, you might need to prevent a feeling of rising panic, which if not curtailed, will completely take over and remove any opportunity of quickly realising when your keys may be.

Losing your keys at night and when it’s dark is particularly daunting. If you adhere to Murphy’s Law, the weather will also be particularly poor. When you have children with you, being locked out of your car or home can cause immediate thoughts of the many horror movies you have seen because now the panic is not only in your mind, it can spread to your children.

Calming yourself down will put you back into control and help your mind go back a few steps to you can think about where you might have temporarily lost your keys. Losing your keys doesn’t mean that a burglar is already on their way to your home. The more patient you can become with yourself and not pass the blame immediately to those around you, the sooner your problem will be solved even if it does mean that you eventually have to telephone a locksmith.

The first thing to do is to check all of your pockets and anything you have, that you’re carrying, that the keys might have slipped into. Ask everyone with you to do the same, including the smallest of children who may have found a new game.

When you do locate your keys, you may well be amazed at how they could have left your observational skills and become hidden in a place you wouldn’t have believed possible.

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